October 27th, 2004


more Halloween progress...

The Roger & Jessica Rabbit costumes are both FULLY COMPLETE! Woohoo! I finished those Monday night after getting home from choir rehearsal...

  • printed gravestone quiz (qty 50)
  • iPod set up with the 4 hr Halloween Mix and the Name That Tune quiz clips playlist
  • iPod connection to my new receiver system tested successfully
  • baked more gravestone sugar cookies - now have 5 dozen
  • mixed up pie crust dough for pumpkin pasties (in fridge)
  • baked merangue bones - about 7 dozen
  • mixed up royal icing for spiders & gravestone cookies
  • baked witches fingers - about 4.5 dozen
  • half done with icing gravestones base layer

    Still plenty to do! I'm taking Friday off from work for party prep...I think I'm already running on pure adrenaline until Sunday at this point...I've stayed up until 3am two nights in a row now, getting up at 7:30 for work...ugh!
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      iPod Halloween mix