October 28th, 2004


getting closer...

This will probably be my last chance to update progress here until after the party Saturday night. I have been usually making these updates at work, when I don't have the option to be busy with Halloween prep. However, tomorrow I am taking the day off, so I will be spending every waking moment in party prep vs. any time on LJ. I'm sure you'll understand... ;)

Progress yesterday:

  • fog timer purchased for 2nd fog machine
  • brought in mad scientist stuff from garage
  • found motion candy bowl - Kylie still hates it...heehee...gotta get video of her fighting the automatic hand! ;)
  • found 3-wick black candle & put on 5' tall wrought iron candlestick
  • new batteries in small keyboard for pipe organ
  • stashed away non-spooky music for piano & organ
  • finished icing gravestone cookies
  • royal icing "glue" on almond fingernails
  • made 9 dozen eyeballs, setting up in fridge for painting Friday night
  • some lettering on half the gravestone cookies since not all icing was dry enough yet
  • accent painted one gravestone - still 3 left to accent paint!
  • put up rest of flagstone walls in the foyer & stairs
  • some more general cleaning, washing my sheets, cleaning my room, etc

    Boy, that doesn't seem like as much as it felt like last night...hmm...

    Happy Halloween everyone! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!
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