July 1st, 2005


New Cauldron Cakes

While working on PotterParties.com, I saw Lexicon_Bel~'s version of Cauldron Cakes, which sounded yummy, especially since my clever idea of cotton candy smoke ended up failing last summer (the cakes are so moist that the cotton candy melts as soon as it comes in contact with the cauldron - doh!). My full-size cupcake Cauldron Cakes were not eaten as much at previous parties, probably because they were that large. Since it's already looking like 75 people are coming, maybe more (ack!) I'm trying to stretch my food as far as possible! I found mini-Reeses peanut butter cups and used my mini-muffin pans last night with a Betty Crocker devils food cake mix, so these are bite-sized, which also means one cake mix gives you around 11 dozen adorably cute Cauldron Cakes...hooray!

By filling the muffin cups about half-full, then gently setting the peanut butter cup in the center, the cake batter rises around the edge of the candy and over the top edge of the muffin cup, making a cute little rolled edge to the cauldron. The chocolate of the peanut butter cup nicely bubbles on the top, too. I think these came out so cute! :)

New Mini Cauldron Cake - side view

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These are now safely in my freezer with the 9 dozen Pumpkin Pasties, to be thawed two weeks from tonight, the night before the party...I can't believe it's so close!