July 17th, 2005


Year Six at Hogwarts Success!

Sorry I was much too busy to post any further updates before the party, but that's the way it goes!

Last night around 10pm, mrmouse went in dementor costume, along with hp_jenorama in full Ravenclaw Quidditch gear to the Sunnyvale Borders to stand in line for our 18-book order for the party. At 11:30pm, chanteuse77 as a Muggle (slacker because her costume was all finished! Admittedly it would not have fit in the Briata over to Borders, so probably just as well) and I as Bellatrix joined them, staying until 1:30 to actually get our books! mrmouse left his in the batch until leaving the party to avoid temptation, but chanteuse77 read the first chapter this morning. I did not want to be tempted to keep reading vs. party prep, let alone be careful when talking to party guests, so I have not yet opened the books, let alone even reading the inside cover!

It was overall a successful day amongst many glitches, even though not necessarily a success in the way I envisioned. Too hot for many planned activites, and not enough table space for all the food that did actually arrive (some fabulously creative entries!), but people (I'm counting about 83, but it really seemed like more I think!) all still said they had a great time, which is what matters! :)

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Since it's much too dark at this hour, after a bunch more chatting into the wee hours with my overnight guest, the leftovers I'd like to save to eat later have been put away if they need to (cookies & breads last fine) with the major cleanup to happen tomorrow when I can see clearly. Before we can try waffles for brunch since I'd like to play hostess to my overnight guest, I need to find the kitchen counters in all the mess!

Oh, and my cat has gotten out after being social after it was down to just the 5 of us towards the end, and being a black cat I can't find her for anything...this will be the first night she's been out by herself ever, so I hope she's okay. I even poured out some crunchy food so she'd hear, so I've left her a way back in & hope she'll come back when she's hungry... :(

Update: Kylie was back inside, acting nonchalantly, as of ~4:30am...whew! I'll be able to sleep much better now knowing she's safe inside... :)