March 6th, 2006


Muggle's Guide in Spanish now for sale!

As mentioned back in November 2004 when we heard the rights had been purchased by a Spanish distributor, the Muggle's Guide is really available now in Spanish! :)

Amazon has it for sale ($32? ack - I want a copy but I can't even read it when I get it? hmm...) but with no photo, so here's the photo blackwiidow sent me...maybe it's that expensive since it's only in hardback?

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Adventures in the South Bay

I had no weekend plans except cleaning & projects, and I knew that I'd go stir crazy only doing projects & not leaving my house, so I asked some friends if they wanted to go for a hike, and mrmouse said sure. When it snowed again on Friday, I suggested maybe we could try driving up to Mt Hamilton to see if we could get close to the snow instead of a hike, so we tried...

Snow on Mt Hamilton as seen from the closest streetlight to my house

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Of course, I insisted on documentation that WE were there vs. just our postcard photos of the wonderful views... ;)

Britta & Ben in Rancho San Antonio park, with Lick Mill Observatory on Mt Hamilton in the distance

We were HUNGRY after our 3.5 hr hike, so we had fresh sourdough bread I made, butternut squash soup, some salad, a bit of protein, and continued with his Classic Trek education by watching Amok Time, The Changeling, Mirror Mirror, Devil in the Dark, and Journey to Babel...whew!

All in all a good day...we need to do things like that more often... :)