December 21st, 2006



First of all, probably the biggest news today is the Book Seven title...are you ready for it?

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Huh? What an odd title! Another holiday present from JKR, who at this same time 2 years ago announced she was done writing Book Six & submitted the manuscript. She just updated her diary that she's still in the thick of writing, so I still doubt we'll see a Summer 2007 release.

Ah least this is finally available, since I've waited 3 years to watch the French & Saunders Comic Relief 2003 special "Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Azerbaijan"...hilarious! heehee...

But by far, the funniest thing I've seen lately have been Little Miss Sunshine just last night (thanks Cyd!) and this video:

Will It Blend? iPod

That is some blender! "Don't breathe this" is right! You can even bid on the iPod remains for charity on eBay!

(Hopefully between packing & laundry today before I leave for Christmas with my family I'll be able to post with Christmas decoration photos & the various holiday events recently...if I run out of time, Happy Holidays to everyone!)

hectic holidays

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Britta-Elf face painting the kids at the company party

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That brings us up to date...the car is all packed except for the laptop & Kylie, so I'm driving to Sacramento tonight, to Davis tomorrow for lunch through the caroling party at my parents' house, then the relatives start arriving for hopefully 16 of the Clouston Clan for the first time all together for Christmas since the newest members were born. All presents are purchased but not yet wrapped (easier in transit with such a full car!), and I've got a good photo that still needs to be photoshopped into my holiday e-card, so hopefully I'll get that done before Christmas is over...for now, I'll leave you with a link to my decoration photos if you'd like to get in the holiday spirit... :)

Happy Holidays to everyone!