January 19th, 2007

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Brittahytta Brewery Begins!

Announcing Brittahytta Brewery! Purveyor extraordinaire of cider, butterbeer and other homebrewed delicacies!

My first 5 gallon batch of homebrewed apple cider has been bottled since January 7th, with the first gallon consumed on New Years Eve, but the delay was in the label design. I'm not sure if this design is final, since I think more fun drawing should happen, but this is a good start. I do like my lettering and the photo is funny. :) Two more 5 gallon batches are underway in separate stages of fermentation, but with the cold snap, I had to bring them inside from the patio and turn on a space heater to get the yeast activated again! ;)

If you're wondering why I'm even trying to brew cider, or what process I've used so far, keep reading behind the links...

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First batch in bottles with first labels!

Closeup of first labels!

Posting quickly since my shiny new MacBookPro just arrived at my desk! Woohoo! :D