April 29th, 2007

australia, ocean

little miffed

I just read that PotterParties.com has been resurrected by The Leaky Cauldron, with what seems like little credit to the original content-generators from two years ago. Individual recipes are still credited, but all of my leader paragraphs of suggestions from the main decor, recipes and costume sections are no longer credited to me, since last time I was listed at the front of the How to Host section as the "expert", and now there is no mention of my name at all. I think I might even write a note to TLC saying that although my content was allowed to be used in good faith, it was with credit, and I don't feel it is proper for them to use the same content this time around without crediting the source. All they'd need to do is preface each section that contains my content with "from Potter Party hostess Britta Peterson (link)" or something similarly simple and I'd be fine. The ideas from other contributors are still credited as "submitted by" since they were set off from my content originally. Perhaps they didn't realize that by redesigning their home page, they removed any mention of my name? We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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I am still excited for the movie & book, and I will have a great time planning my last Potter party and my friends will all have a blast attending, but I'm not even sure I should spend the time & effort on getting my other Hogwarts parties on my website, since what will the demand be after the last book has already come & gone? Perhaps for the last two movies, but I seriously doubt there will be as much attention as has been the past several years. I think my time is better spent working on Halloween parties, especially my still-in-progress book, which of course is on hold until after July 21st at this rate!

Enough...I'm still not fully well so I need to get to sleep but I had to get that off my chest tonight...hope everyone had a good weekend!