February 2nd, 2019

australia, ocean

South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 8 - Tasmania with Family

at Salamanca Market.
February 1 at 8:48 PM · Hobart, TAS, Australia ·
We were lucky enough to stop in Hobart on a Saturday when the weekly Salamanca Market was going, with a local bagpipe band playing in the park nearby! We found some cool items, a shirt for Glen, and even some Tasmanian liqueurs & mead to taste & bring home!


February 1 at 8:55 PM ·
We met up with Glen’s niece Joy and her family, who live on the other side of Tasmania, had a quick lunch on the pier at Fish Frenzy, then sailed on the tall ship the Lady Nelson. This replica ship is run by volunteers, and they let little Simon help with the rigging and steering! Really fun to see the sails go up even without enough wind to sail today. ;)


at MONA - Museum of Old and New Art.
February 1 at 10:42 PM · Berriedale, TAS, Australia ·
The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) was recommended as not a stuffy art museum, and one of the top attractions in Hobart. That may be true, but personally we prefer old to new, and 90% of the exhibits were modern. Good thing the kids took a nap since definitely many displays were not for younger eyes, and none were interactive. There were a few Egyptian antiquities, the Fat Car was amusing, and the video panel gauntlet and the random words on water droplet screen were impressive technology...and we appreciated their fast free WiFi. ;)


at Mures Tasmania.
February 2 at 2:31 AM · Hobart, TAS, Australia ·
We met Joy & family for fresh fish dinner at the pier again, this time
at Mures, where there is also ice cream for dessert! Little Sam & River are expert mess-makers and proud of it! 😉 Fun to spend time with more family before we have to leave Tasmania tonight!


at Ms Noordam.
February 2 at 3:34 AM
Glen & I got back on board the ship in time to see the last 3 songs of the local bagpipe & Irish dancer show! Now no internet for 2 days until we reach New Zealand!