February 4th, 2019

australia, ocean

South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 10 - Superbowl at Sea

at Ms Noordam.
February 4 at 7:12 PM · Wellington, New Zealand ·
After springing forward another hour on Monday, we had another buffet breakfast with the ship still rocking enough to throw us against the walls, making taking the stairs extra risky, and outer decks closed again due to weather. We met our group in the main theatre for the live ship satellite broadcast of Super Bowl LIII. They had some tasty free snacks and a couple cakes as the game started, but sadly no fun commercials, only the same ESPN commercials over & over. Since there was nothing else I could think of to do that wouldn’t make me sick, might as well at least be social!
All 6 of us tried the buffet for dinner for a change, with ice cream for dessert, then Glen & I enjoyed a cocktail at a different bar, then caught the 10pm show. The show was an excellent tenor from New Zealand who sang opera, pop, musical theatre, and some traditional Maori & Samoan songs. Very entertaining!
The ship was still rocking hard through most of the day, but this time I tried double pills at 9am and was better today. I felt I was always on the edge of pushing myself into nausea, so I avoided all reading again. Hopefully we hug the coast for the rest of this cruise!