February 7th, 2019

australia, ocean

South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 13 - Journey to Middle Earth

at Edoras, Rohan, New Zealand.
February 6 at 7:10 PM ·
Another super early morning, leaving the ship at Akaroa before 8am and boarding another bus for a long Journey into Middle Earth. After stopping for a quick “second breakfast” of muffins, tea & coffee, we kept on the same road the extras took for filming, and made it to the “high country” and Clearwater Lake by around noon. We drove 85% of the way across NZ to get to Mt Sunday at Mt Potts Station, otherwise known as Edoras of Rohan, but the tall, majestic mountains of the Southern Alps were hiding from us behind clouds, and wouldn’t have snow anyway being late summer. We still enjoyed taking photos with some movie replica weaponry and the flag of Rohan!


at Ms Noordam.
February 7 at 11:16 AM
After sailing away from Akaroa, Glen & I enjoyed the extra-cost special ship restaurant instead of the dining room. Glen had wanted to try the food there, and I had packed 3 fancy outfits but we missed the second chance in Queenstown, so we made our own gala night. 😉 The sunset view was pretty, the food and wine were excellent, with barely room for dessert, but I did get to try some nice ruby port. After dinner we finally stopped in the piano bar so I sang along, and not only got a wink from the pianist at my harmonies to Livin’ On A Prayer, but when he saw us in the hall on his break, he thanked me for singing since the room was so dead that night. He doesn’t start until 8:30pm so we have been seeing other entertainment so far, but I really hope we go again and encourage more singing! 🎶