February 14th, 2019

australia, ocean

South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 20 - Honeymoon Island Snorkeling & Valentines Dinner

at Honeymoon Island Malolo.
February 14 at 3:08 AM · Yaro, Fiji ·
Wow! We are sure glad we snorkeled at our bure hut yesterday, since that already-amazing snorkeling absolutely paled in comparison to our guided tour this morning! They took us out to uninhabited Honeymoon Island in a speedboat, then we spent an hour following our expert local guide along the stunning coral reef. He showed us shells, sea cucumber and bright blue starfish, and he offered to take my camera to film since he could get so much closer to the coral without damage, even diving down deep. He took one long excellent video plus a few shorter ones, after I had taken a couple myself. Enjoy the videos on as large a screen as possible!


at Likuliku Lagoon Resort.
February 14 at 3:43 AM ·
Since we ran out of time for a proper breakfast before snorkeling, after we got back on shore, we enjoyed a fruity mocktail & milkshake with the breeze at the beach bar, saw a timely message on the beach, then we checked out the gift shop, getting each other Valentine’s presents on the spot with pretty earrings for me and a shot glass for my collection, an awesome island shirt for Glen, plus a purple polo and a gorgeous cast bronze verdigris octopus to share. 😉 Since the tide was coming in, we could have snorkeled again at our bure hut, but we both agreed it would be a bit anticlimactic after the amazing morning. We both cleaned up and made it to lunch before they actually closed, we spotted the resort mascot Coco the Labrador surfing in the lagoon, and the food was delicious & fancy yet again, but even in the shade it was so muggy that we needed multiple chilled towels! We counted it was 1100 steps back to our bure, so no wonder I kept sweating in the humidity! We decided our afternoon could just be spent relaxing in our air-conditioned hut, and I think the change in air pressure from the nearby storms might have been the culprit for both our headaches. We appreciated the special fresh bedspread decor, and an embellished card was delivered to our door with our afternoon snacks. Sometimes lazy vacation days are allowed, especially in a location like this!


at Likuliku Lagoon Resort.
February 14 at 12:55 PM ·
We had missed the evening torch lightings so far, so we were determined to see it on our last night here. Good thing, since as soon as we ordered our drinks, there was a cooking demonstration for coconda, marinated raw white fish prepared like ceviche, but with coconut milk or coconut cream, and we got to taste it - yum! When Glen asked our seaplane escort if there was a special Fijian food we should watch for, he said “coconda” and here it fell in our lap! After the torchlighting and a fantastic sunset peeking through the heavy clouds after all, we headed to dinner for a special Valentine menu tied with a ribbon and a red rose on each table. The food was as excellent as always, but we didn’t realize our ribeye steak for two was a full kilo, around 40oz?!? All their other portions have been just right, but tonight we just couldn’t finish all our meat! Thankfully all the other portions were good sizes so we could enjoy them! As we walked back to our hut, the first drops of rain started, so that was good timing! The heavy rain pounded on our hut around 11pm and our poor AC unit didn’t work as well all night. Glad for the ceiling fans to help out!