February 15th, 2019

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South Pacific Adventure 2019 - Day 21 - Leaving Likuliku for the Fiji Princess Cruise

at Likuliku Lagoon Resort.
February 14 at 5:29 PM ·
They let us check out late so we had time for breakfast...some of the best eggs Benedict I’ve ever had! We will miss the weekly feast tonight, but the activities crew were weaving extra coconut palm leaf baskets. These same baskets are left open on one end to fill with meat, braided closed, then buried in an earth oven to cook all day. The fresh green leaves help keep the meat moist, but by the end of cooking they aren’t so pretty, so the uncooked baskets will be used for the buffet presentation. Sure wish we could try it! It was already raining again so we caught a buggy to our bure to pack, then another heavy downpour arrived as a line moving across the water...wow!
We aren’t sure what signal we will have on our island cruise around the outer islands of Fiji for the next 3 days, but at least we can say farewell from lovely Likuliku!


at Blue Lagoon Cruises, Fiji Princess Vessel.
February 15 at 5:55 PM · Nadi, Fiji ·
It was a bit of a comedy of errors leaving Likuliku since for some reason our speedboat pickup didn’t want to use the main dock but the helicopter pad on the other side. The Likuliku crew sang us goodbye at the main building and drove us and our luggage to the helipad, but then there were too many rocks near that little dock anyway, so back to Plan A! Heh...the speedboat was a fun wet ride over choppy waves, but getting on board the Fiji Princess was trickier, since our “docking” was just ropes held by people, then we stood on the inflated boat edge, held the door rails, and jumped into the tiny door! We made quite a stir among the passengers already aboard since they stopped in the middle of the water just for us! 😉
As soon as the speedboat breeze was gone, we were sweating in the humidity again, so we were very glad that our cabin has AC! We cooled down & unpacked a bit, since our first stop at Modriki Island where Cast Away was filmed was already cancelled due to bad weather. We joined the other passengers for cocktails as the sun barely peeked out behind impressive thunderclouds for a pretty sunset, then headed to dinner. The dining room is open to the back of the ship but no breezes reached us, and despite the oscillating fans, we were all sweating, even the staff! Our ship kept rocking really badly through dinner, worse than Glen’s seabands and ginger pills could help, so he didn’t even try dessert and had to lie down. I had taken double pills at lunch plus triple Excedrin, so after cooling down in the room AC, I headed back to the bar for some karaoke. There were only about 10 of us, so I ended up sticking the mic in faces who were already singing along to encourage more people to participate. We had fun and it took my mind off the rocking, which didn’t let me sleep very well when things kept falling and doors kept opening all night in our room! I almost fell off the bed a couple times!