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counting my blessings...

Because of my absolutely horrible depressed mood right now, I feel the need to publicly count my we go:

  • My weight had been creeping back up a bit before Mardi Gras (damn manchego cheese - why do I love you so?), but just this past week I lost 6 lbs, eating bacon, sausage & eggs with english muffins and earl grey tea for breakfast every day, drinking alcohol heavily every evening, and only walking about 15 miles the whole week...?

  • I now have two new fabulous location photos of the teal Briata - one with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate and San Francisco at sunset behind, the other at the Yosemite sign in the SNOW...hooray! (Sorry I can't show you yet since is still down and I have no other webserver space to post images at the moment)

  • I have so many supportive friends it truly overwhelms me sometimes. After my week that was so totally fabulous while it lasted, but just ended really badly, I had to face everyone yesterday who had been so excited for me since I had been so unbearably happy. When I told them what happened, each wonderfully supportive hug, even virtual, made me cry, just when I thought I had composed myself.

  • Apple stock will be splitting next week or so, so my measly 9 shares (purchased at $22 a few years ago) will become 18! Huzzah! Go Apple! ;)

  • My own company ESPP went yesterday at not quite half the current selling price, so I can sell today for another easy spot of cash. Can't complain about that.

  • Recently I'd been offered a different position that I don't really want in another group at my company, but I was very flattered to be considered.

  • In my own department, I will be taking over our product entirely from my current boss and transitioning to a new boss who I've been quasi-working for the past year anyway. Probably no extra compensation, but I will be a full Product Manager, which I've never really been interested in, but can only help in the future, since it's at least a translatable position to other companies.

  • I will reach 5 years at my company in June, when I will start earning 5 weeks of vacation time per year. Too bad we can only keep 10 days in our vacation banks at a time, but we can borrow into it to go into negative hours.

  • The Briata has been fully serviced as of a couple weeks ago. The starting problem & check engine light mystery has been solved, and all I should need soon are new tires. They told me Miata engines are built so solid, with regular maintenance, they've seen some around here on 200K-300K miles still going strong...good, since I want to keep mine for as long as possible!

  • I did accomplish most of my list of things to do that had a deadline of last Saturday...especially the ones that were hanging over my head never getting done for lack of incentive, like tuning the piano, getting the carpets cleaned, cleaning up both bedrooms upstairs to be presentable, etc. My house is still clean, and the laundry is done from last week even.

  • Kylie the Kitty still loves me. Yes, I know she's a cat so supposedly only likes whoever feeds her, but I know that's not true in her case. :)

    Thanks for listening...
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