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I have never cried so much before in my life. I hate this lack of control over my emotions (where is T'Leo the Vulcan alter-ego when you need her?). However I have learned some odd things:

1. Clinique waterproof mascara has its limits.
(I put my normal makeup on Saturday morning, but by Saturday night, not even a trace of mascara was left. Same thing happened by rehearsal Monday evening. Usually the mascara stays on even through a sad movie or a swim or shower!)

2. Too much crying gunks up contact lenses with so many protein deposits you cannot see at all.

3. You get really thirsty.

Thanks so much for the nice comments. The stupidest I'm feeling now is that I keep bursting into tears when everyone is being so supportive and nice...I just don't get why I keep doing that! Ah well...

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