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thankful for...

- my great friends as always, of course
- Lean Cuisine Macaroni & Cheese for lunch
- homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert
- finally some nice weather so I could walk during my lunch today, listening to my iPod
- National Express by The Divine Comedy (iTunes doesn't have it - sorry)

No, really...I had never heard of The Divine Comedy before New Years, and I loved them, so I asked him to bring his CDs when he visited so I could rip them for my iPod. I didn't try listening to them until Friday since I was worried I might cry from associative memories, but I am SO thankful that my favorite song by them still makes me smile no matter what...hooray!

I tried to give myself physically creative projects for this long weekend in hopes of getting back to my always-busy self. For me, keeping busy has always mitigated the loneliness before, but lately I've been having trouble being in the mood for doing any of the projects that are always on my list. None of the webpage work was attractive yet, nor was the tour DVD editing (mostly because he is ALL over that and I'm not sure if I can handle that quite yet). So, I chose a couple short-term projects with tangible results in hopes that actually finishing them would put me in an accomplished mood that might help me get back on track.

Hat/Scarf/Gloves Sets
I bought fleece well before Christmas to make cute hat/scarf/gloves sets for chanteuse77 and me so we could take them on our England trips for New Years, but since I got sick after my concerts that didn't happen. So by starting from raw pattern & fabric on Saturday, her hat & scarf are done, my hat is done, my scarf half-done, but since I want the fleece fringe effect for my whole scarf, I will buy a rotary cutter first. Both sets of gloves are cut out, but not yet sewn. Mission still pending accomplishment, but we went to see a friend's band play Saturday night, and we did hit Costco Sunday afternoon and saw Oscar-nominated Sideways (good flick) that evening, which cut into the sewing time.

Yesterday was finally not pouring the whole day so I did pull 3 bucketfuls of weeds out of my yard and planted golden cosmos and echinacea seeds. I lasted through the drizzle, but when it started pouring I would run inside for a break. At least the last rain watered in the seeds well since I just had finished putting the topsoil over the seeds & organic fertilizer...saved me a bit with the hose...

I can't say this has made me feel productive enough to feel better yet, but I am trying...I thought this morning that a deep physical wound would also still be healing, so I probably just need a bit more time...

Hope your weekends were fun...

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