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Let's start off the month with some photos...see how much I can cram on my home server while is STILL down...*sigh*...Since the photos are in Gallery, which auto-resizes, I can't make them larger than this without making them huge, so just click to open the Gallery page with the large image if you like...

I don't have a photo of chanteuse77 in her fleece set yet, but here is a photo of me in mine:

Here are the two fabulous location photos of the Briata and me, as I mentioned previously:

Briata and the Golden Gate at Sunset - February 8th, 2005

Briata in the SNOW at Yosemite! - February 9th, 2005

And last but not least, since I can't post the Mardi Gras 2005 webpages yet, here is Burlesque Britta in the most expensive total outfit she owns! Antique beaver top hat bought in Oxford for $250, dress on SALE at Macy's for $140 (it fit me so well I just could NOT resist!), green glitter eye makeup even, but cheap feather boas, jewelry, fishnets, black pumps and handmade masquerade mask & hat decorations...I let this one stay big so you can see some detail before clicking... ;)

Burlesque Britta 2005

Hope everyone's having a good day...

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