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Teal overload..? Never! ;)

Yes, yes, everyone knows I love TEAL, so it'll be no surprise that now not only is my Miata customized teal as of last January, but now my new cellphone AND my iPod are both teal as well! Bwahaha-ha!

For the how-to instructions with photos for the phone, see below...the iPod will be the next post...oh no, the suspense of a "to be continued" episode - heaven forbid! :D

I can't stand having a boring normal cellphone. For my past two cellphones, I have been able to purchase teal or aqua faceplates, but I did look online when I first got my phone, eBay and otherwise, then even at the Roseville flea market last weekend, to no avail. So, for $5 I bought a clear faceplate set instead and decided I would use the touchup paint from my car to paint the inside of the faceplate, in hopes of the color lasting longer since it would be protected. Well, I could NOT find the touchup paint, even after about 3 hours of intensive search of my entire house and garage over 2 days, so I went to a hobby store for some metallic model paint instead. I found a good enough teal that blended and in spray paint which was an extra bonus over the car touchup paint anyway. The only masking I did on the faceplate pieces was for the see-through window for the cover display - if you do this project, PLEASE do not forget that step! heh...

Original (Boring!) Phone - Motorola V-180 tri-band GSM

New clear faceplates, purchased for $5 at a flea market, with the $4 can of model spray paint "teal metallic"

Faceplate painting in process...

I painted the inside of the faceplate pieces in hopes the paint won't rub off like the other faceplate. You can see the masking tape through the window where I wanted it to stay clear for the display.

Final far, since I can't put on the other front piece until I find a mini-6-point screwdriver - waah!

Next, the iPod!


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