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Teal Madness Continued...
"Previously on brittadotcom..."

Yes, yes, everyone knows I love TEAL, so it'll be no surprise that now not only is my Miata customized teal as of last January, but now my new cellphone AND my iPod are both teal as well! Bwahaha-ha!

More teal madness, this time my trusty iPod!

Since I did like the color once I saw it on the faceplate pieces Thursday night, plus it was spray paint so was a nice thin layer, I said to myself, "why not paint my iPod as well?" I searched for clear solid skins online, but those all looked too thick to be able to keep my iPod in the car charger/holder I have anyway. Any of the silicone/rubberized skins were too thick or not paintable. I'm not concerned about resale value anyway, since I see no reason to ditch my 40GB 3G iPod anytime soon, but I still sent out an email to some Apple employee friends & other iPod owners, just in case I missed some major reason not to paint, but all was well! Hooray!

I used standard masking tape to mask off the round buttons and the touch-wheel, the display area, and all the chrome sides & back, then went for it.

Who Was That Masked iPod?

It took two coats flat in the box, then another handheld touchup coat for the curved edges since the spray just wasn't covering properly at that angle.

iPod painting in process

Once it was dry to the touch but not fully cured, I removed the masking and carefully cleaned up any edges or seepage with acetone nail polish remover and a sewing pin. The paint edges around the buttons are a little raised enough I could be afraid of peeling from use over time, so I might use an emery board for some detailed sanding, but for now, it's pretty cool! :D

Shiny New Teal iPod! :D

Since there's still paint left in the can, what else could I possibly customize? hmm...*wheels turning*

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go ahead! paint some of your small kitchen appliances!

Ah, unfortunately my kitchen is ivy-green & white with ivy curtains & other accents, so teal clashes pretty badly...however the master bathroom is indeed teal so I might tackle something in there...or something else for my car? hmm...

Oh sure. I see your love for teal is conditional. ;-)

One can't eat chocolate all day every day either... ;)

Why stop with the 'pod?

I say teal Ear Buds, to *really* stand out for the crowd.


Re: Why stop with the 'pod?

Oh, before tour last summer I bought some teal headphones that wrap around the back of each ear, which fit me a lot better than the white Apple buds anyway...they are the tiniest bit bluer that the new iPod color, but darn close...close enough even for me... ;)

another thought in teal

have you thought about adding a 'gel' behind the apple logo on your powerbook (depends on if you can find/make a teal transparency).

alternatively, what about a thin teal-colored outline (or drop shadow) 'round the logo??

or use this (from http://www.freewebs.com/stencilry/) as a jumping off point:


Re: another thought in teal

A teal transparency shouldn't be too hard actually...blue + green = teal :)

I've seen those glowing logo hacks before and would love to do that, but that much modification on my main machine scares me a bit, especially since I've read before that disassembling & putting the screen case back together weakens the connections at the hinge, which is already the weakest point of the PowerBooks. Now perhaps if I could spray a light coat of this paint over just the glowing logo...? Hmm...still not sure about that, though...I would have to get something similar enough to test the effect before I risk messing up my beloved PowerBook... :)

Nice Sally stencil...heh!

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