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Teal Madness - and now the conclusion...

Previously on brittadotcom...and now the conclusion...

I had commented while driving in the BRIATA to Yosemite that it was a shame that the iPod charger/holder was white when my car interior was all black. Well, when driving home from work Wednesday evening with the top down in the beautiful weather and with iPod blaring, I saw that the newly-pretty teal iPod made the white charger even more glaring against the black car interior...hmm...

Voila - the next teal project!

The Wednesday Scene - see how jarring the white is against all the black?

Unfortunately the charger could not come apart completely into two halves since there were electronics attached to both sides, so I did my best.

Here is the iPod charger as masked as possible. While opened, I masked off the line in jack, plus the screw holes and ventilation holes, then closed it back up and masked the inside where the iPod would sit. Since I could hold the charger with my gloved hand where the interior masking was, I was able to paint the entire surface at once, so I used four toothpicks stuck into the back screwholes for support while drying.

Here is the painted charger back on the supports. I left the supports white since they would get too much use so the paint would rub off, scratch or crack. The inside of the charger was also left white to limit scratching risk with the repeated motion of seating the iPod. I was down to the dregs of the paint can enough that I had a few drips that I wasn't too pleased with, but at least they are on the back or the bottom, so I'm leaving it as-is.

Here is the painted iPod in the now-matching charger with the black fleece "scrunchie" sleeve I sewed with scraps from my recent hat/scarf/gloves sets, a la hanging chandelier cable covers seen in design magazines and shows. It is just a simple fabric tube where first the ends were both folded over to make a casing for elastic, then the elastic was sewn in with the lengthwise seam. I made it twice as long as the supports so it would scrunch up and follow the angles of the supports better. I thought a flat tube would have looked more sloppy trying to go around the odd angles. The sleeve also allows the cassette adapter cable to also be hidden inside the fabric sleeve, making for a much neater appearance in the car.

Here it is! The lovely teal iPod in the newly-painted teal charger, with the adapter cable neatly hidden along with the white charger supports in the black fleece fabric sleeve...ahhh...much better... :)

Also, to complete the recent teal madness story, here is my final cellphone, with all teal cover pieces installed! (Thanks to mrmouse for the use of his mini torque screwdriver!)

I think the little 3 oz can of spray paint is down to spittle-only now, so this should be the end of the teal madness for the moment...but you never know... ;)

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