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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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small victories :)
australia, ocean
Hooray! As of this morning, I am back down to my lowest weight since 1997...this is the weight I finally hit just before Halloween, gaining a couple pounds back then, getting back down just before Thanksgiving, up 7 lbs again with Christmas indulgence, down again to the low after New Years, up again with Mardi Gras, and down again after the February vacation, creeping up again because of my cheesy comfort food at night after Lean Cuisine for lunches...

Now if I could just lose 15-20 more lbs...heh! Ah well...this is still better than it has been for the past few years...losing & keeping off 25 lbs in one year is an accomplishment to be proud of, I think... :)

Of course I'm celebrating by eating a company-provided cake donut for breakfast since I'm out of cheerios...heh! :P

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Hooray! Congratulations. :)

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