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not to sound completely shallow but...

Yes, I realize my last post was about my weight, and I do try not to have my world hinge on my appearance, but hey, if it makes me feel better, I'm celebrating anything & everything these days, so there! :P

My mom & I went shopping at Sam's Club today, where I saw some cute short skirts so I grabbed one in tan for variety. I held up a size 10 (which I'm already very pleased I finally fit back into again routinely after about 8 years of not being able to!) but it amazingly looked a little big, so I tried it on OVER my jeans and it WAS too big! This means a size EIGHT fits me, which is absolutely unheard of, even when I was 25 lbs lighter back in highschool! :D

Anyway, it's a nice feeling, so I wanted to share...I even wore my new skirt out to dinner tonight even though it was a little chilly...

Hope your weekends are going well. Today I have installed iWork on both my laptop and my mom's, upgraded her iPhoto to the most recent, and installed Office 2004 for her, plus set her up so she'll be able to dialup with my grandmother's account using her own laptop when she's up in Seattle in a few weeks...she still won't give up her old original-style iMac so I can have it for a kitchen computer though...ah familial tech support...always at least one computer-related task when I visit... ;)

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