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I often think that my work on my parties and the website work documenting them are a frivolous indulgence, of entertainment value to me and maybe some others, but not much use in the grand scheme of things. I mean, of course they're not rocket science or brain surgery! If I'm feeling down about my life in general as I have been lately, I wonder if I should try to apply myself to more "valuable" pursuits to help make the world a better place, but then again, someone could be having a rough enough time in their own lives that the small spot of joy and distraction I can bring might really help them, so then I think that bringing enjoyment to people's lives is not always as frivolous as it might seem.

Why am I saying this now? Well, this was brought home again to me last night in an email I received from another complete stranger. This woman from Tennessee told me "I wanted to thank you so much for your very helpful and fun website. There has been lots of death and illness in my family in the past couple of years so for Halloween I volunteered to host the marching band's party in an effort to cheer my daughter up. If not for your site I would've been completely lost."

After sharing some of her decorations inspired by my website, she went on to say "It just really turned out great and I have you to thank. Of all the websites yours was definitely the most helpful...Needless to say I'll be checking back in for the 2004 pics and recipes this time! Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

That I could be some inspiration to help cheer her daughter up after their family has had such a hard time lately really does make me feel like this is something worthwhile. Since I've heard such copious thanks from Brazil and Tennessee just in the past month, and from South Africa, Australia and the UK before, too, maybe I have more of a positive and far-reaching effect on others than I thought.

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aw, that's really, really sweet. :)

and never think what you do is frivolous! the world would be a better place if people stopped taking themselves so bloody seriously and loosened up a little more and had fun ... and you show them how to do that! seriously, i am perpetually amazed at some of the things you come up with (as, i'm sure, are many readers around the globe!)! bringing people happiness or giving them joy is NEVER a wasted pursuit. xo

Here's another gal from Tennessee who thinks your Website and your LJ posts are very enlightening and entertaining. I can relate to your feelings...I feel the same way on many occassions. I enjoy hosting various get togethers and an annual Halloween party for family and friends since my husband and I married...we celebrate our 30th anniversary this August. I'm only 47, so I started early. It is fun to find someone who enjoys the things I enjoy and loves to share of themselves as you do. You keep up the good work girl. There are those of us who applaud you and wish that more women realized that you can be all things...career woman, homemaker and just a general all around great Girl Friday.

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