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Trek DVD goodness...

This is a fairly significant entertainment purchase for me dollarwise, but as my promotion gift to myself, I purchased the complete Star Trek Classic Series, which arrived today!

One thing that convinced me to purchase was the cool plastic vacuformed packaging, totally in the 60s style of the show, cleverly with season 3 being red, since it was the "redshirt" season when it was killed off...but I have to say I have never had any single purchase come with so much shrink wrap! Each season has a cardboard sleeve surrounding 8 jewel boxes, so of course that is shrinkwrapped inside the cool plastic case, which is also shrinkwrapped, then all three cases are in a low cardboard shelf case so the entire package is shrinkwrapped AGAIN! Is that really necessary?

Now, since I have all these episodes memorized anyway, will I ever watch them? mrmouse claims he's been negligent in his Classic Trek education, so it seems Starship School might soon be in session for him... ;)

(FYI, the price is excellent, but has free S&H this week only, so you'll only pay $239.99 + tax, which is about $7 less than Amazon for me. I had been looking since Christmas at my local Costcos but have never seen them in stock again, so I took advantage of the free S&H off this week...but if you have other Costco DVD items you'd like, this is the week to avoid the store crowds...)

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