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Happy April Fools Day
australia, ocean
Some gems I've found so far today...

Google Gulp (beta) - be sure to read the entire FAQ, product descriptions and history... :)

Peeves hit The Leaky Cauldron's Boox Six FAQ:

The Witching Hour site has been taken over by their Sorting Hat, who is now calling itself the Wicked Annoying Hat-Shaped
Overlord (WAHSO for short):

The Sugar Quill is allowing readers to help write Harry Potter and the Toenail of Ickleblogg ( joke about bogus title rumors for Book Six):

MuggleNet chose simple but effective:

It looks like Fiction Alley has been hit as well - "Creativity is forbidden without the approval of the Ministry of Magic":

Yahoo doesn't have anything, and I haven't thought of anywhere else to search yet...if anyone finds more let me know...I need a good chuckle, and Google has been the best so far... :)

  • 1 -- They always have a slew of rumors. So far today my favorite is the one about Tiger Woods signing to be Apple's Mac OS X "Tiger" spokesman. The implied story is here:

Here's a few more April Fool's links:

Oh, and my dad's neighboorhood association... he is the Associate Director and runs their website, among other things... he has a yearly April Fool's joke in the news section...

(I'll help you out, since you're not from Minneapolis... it's the Viking Longboat story... heh)

Check the price


more fun from TUAW


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