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oh boy...the Trek Fan's April Fools Mother Lode...!

I had no idea participated in the April Fools least if they haven't before, they sure went all out today!

(Since I'm sure as of tomorrow the main link will be updated, I'm linking the specific articles)

BBC Remakes Star Trek

Enterprise Saved - With Strings Attached

Non-Production Report: Episode 99 "The Rest is Silence"

Your Mirror Universe Twin and You

Klingon Eye for the Starfleet Guy

Bakula Debunks "Holodeck" Rumor

Several New Star Trek Pilots Rejected
(including "Fat Vulcan — Kirstie Alley returns as Saavik...")

And of course, no article, but this is hilarious!

4-3-05 Update: Wow that sucks...they took EVERYTHING down...all the articles are 404 File Not Found, and the images I linked to aren't there anymore either...sad...since they were linked directly as articles, I didn't save any since I thought they'd stay around, just hidden...waahh... :'(

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