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The other unit at my duplex has been vacant since Feb 1st, still for rent. It seems PG&E has shut off power to that unit for non-payment as of this morning...why do I care? Well, the detached garage shared by both units has an electric garage door opener that runs on the other side's power. This means my Miata is stuck in the garage, no way of getting it out! I've been calling my landlords since 8:45 and their phone is still busy (this is getting quite worrying to me!), and I've just called the power company. I asked if there was any way they could just turn the power back on while I was there just long enough to open the door so I could switch over the power cable to my side, but they said no way. They will only re-establish power with payment for activating an account for that address. He did confirm that the number they have on record for my landlord is the same one I've been trying that's been busy the past hour, but they don't have it set to revert to them after the tenant cancels, so they haven't been receiving bills so have no clue.

I can't see any override anything on the outside of the garage, and since there is no other way to get in there besides the main front garage door, I am at a loss...if I can't get a hold of my landlords, my option is to pay PG&E $200 to establish power myself just to get my car out? There has got to be a better way...

Of course, all my choir music is in my Miata, which means I have nothing for rehearsal least I have another car to drive in the meanwhile...thank goodness this didn't happen yesterday when we had our concert!

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