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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Cat-Burglar Britta...?
australia, ocean
Guess what I just did...go ahead, ask! ;)

Yes, I just broke into my own garage by removing the glass of the side window and climbing through!

To recap, this morning I discovered my Miata was stuck in the garage since the power was shut off to the garage door opener. PG&E refused to reactivate the power unless the past due was paid, and I couldn't reach my landlords all day. At 5pm after busy signals since 8:45am, I tried the operator who said their phone was off the hook, not an active conversation. I am a little worried about them, since they are an older couple so who knows what might have happened, but I only have a PO box to send my rent checks, and the operator would not give me any further information. I even tried googling them but no luck except the phone number I already have - which is also the number on the "for rent" sign that is still in front of the other unit. So, after sharing music at choir rehearsal tonight since all my music was stuck in the Miata, I got home at 10pm, changed clothes, got out my flashlight and investigated the garage side window.

It had always looked like a normal house-type window to me, more for decoration with its shutters that match the house, but all I had ever done before was glance in passing, taking it for granted. After a close look, I could tell it was never designed to slide open, so I was out of luck that method anyway. However, this place is so old (over 40 years I was told) that the rubber edging of the glass was mostly missing on one panel, so I started carefully prying the glass out of the window casing. I had to peel off the two remaining sides of the rubber edging, then the whole panel came out with only a hairline crack. Carefully placing the glass out of the way, I wiped the copious spiderwebs out of the now-open hole, then hopped through the window with my flashlight and the garage door remote in my pocket. After turning on the inside light, I moved the extension cord to my outlet on the other side, clicked the remote, and voila!

What took the longest was putting the glass back into the window. Since it was just barely hanging in there in the first place, missing half the rubber edges, I used some electrical tape (couldn't find my duct tape) to brace it on the other sides while I used Liquid Nails to assist the rubber edges stay in place. It seems to be holding so far, so hopefully it'll stay fine.

Now if only everything could be fixed all by myself with creativity and effort...at least I met this challenge squarely in the face and succeeded!

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LOL! that's ingenious!

are you going to make a catwoman costume now, to go along with your burglaring efforts? ;-P

Hehe...I've wanted to try Catwoman for awhile, but I've basically been there, done that with my Emma Peel Avengers catsuit anyway... ;) Boy that pattern was a bitch to make from scratch and it STILL didn't turn out as well as I would have liked...

That IS awesome... I too was wondering about a Catwoman costume. (I'd offer to go as Batman sometime but I've not got the figure, heheh)

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