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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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retail therapy
australia, ocean
At lunch today I went to Marshalls here by work. My mission: look for a black bustier/corset-style top and black leather-like pants for my Bellatrix costume for this July. No pants like I wanted, but there was exactly one black lace-up printed brocade tank that fit great! Not only that, but while scanning through all the racks I found a couple other shirts, a new denim skirt (since the one I bought last summer that I love is too big now), some dark teal velvet jeans on clearance, some cute turquoise sandals that go with my new sweater I happened to be wearing today...and a floaty TEAL summer dress! :D

I have no idea where I will wear this dress, but it is the exact most favorite shade of bright vivd teal that matches my car, iPod, phone, purse, etc...and there were only two, a size 4 and a size 8...and magically the size 8 fit (obviously wrong but who cares?)! So, $90 is a bit steep for Marshalls for one dress of this polyester floaty stuff, but since it is my absolutely favorite color and it fits so well, I splurged...all this plus the sun finally coming out at lunch as well has put a nice smile on my face...

Now I'll have to figure out somewhere to wear this dress...it's a bit too fancy just for casual going out...hmm...