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After the last trip to the Sun Cafe for internet access, Melanie and I went back up Lincoln High Street to eat lunch at Walkabout - as Melanie said "The only Australian place and I find it!" ;) Then we walked back to the hotel by way of the train station so she would know where it was when she had to leave later in the afternoon...we both took a short nap, then she left for the train and I went to sit outside in hopes of catching some people for dinner...

Robin, Juanita, Jack, Johnathon, Lori & Kat were leaving, so I went with them, and we acquired Ryan, Kevin & Mark on the way...after a few false starts (everything closes so early here on a Monday evening!) we ended up at the Green Dragon pub...the food was great and they had plenty of space for us...I had shepherd's pie for dinner, but I was brave and ordered spotted dick with custard for dessert, another traditional British's bread pudding with raisins, so nothing scary, but everyone else at the table wanted me to try mine before they risked ordering any for themselves... ;)

After dinner, since it was still early, we wandered a bit, meeting up with Sheila, Peggy, Ben & Galt coming through the Glory Hole (the small staircase between houses that leads to the riverfront access) 9:30pm we were back at the 203 was doing facials again, so I went by to say hi & to tape Carolyn "unpeeling"...heh! Then it was on to the bar, where I found Allen & Maly, then Nick showed up telling us "I figured I'd find you here"...then Kathy, Anna & Kevin, too...all of us chatting until 11:30 when I announced I should try to find a phone to call Melanie, since her train was due in at 10:30, and even with the walk, she should have arrived by then...but in the next minute or so, she walked in - whew! About 12:15 people started going to bed, leaving Anna, Nick & me until about early night compared to some of the other nights! ;)

This morning, Melanie & I had breakfast at 8:30am before getting ready again...we were all on the bus in concert dress leaving for Lincoln Cathedral at 10am...we had a nice guided tour from 10:15 to about 11:15, then rehearsal until about 12:30 before our 1:10pm concert in the "Retro Choir" (aka the "Angels Choir")...after rehearsal the sun was streaming through the stained glass creating wonderful colored patterns of light on the floor, so I took my camcorder off the already setup tripod so I wouldn't miss my chance...I'm sure glad I did since by the time we were lining up for the concert, the sun had gone away...

Our Lincoln Cathedral concert went very well...the acoustics were amazing! The official audience was sparse but very appreciative, but since people were still touring the cathedral, I'm sure many more heard us...after the concert, it was just a whirlwind stop at the gift shop, then back on the bus to get back to the hotel to change into our "civvies"...we were back by 3pm, which didn't give much time for any lunch before our 4pm rehearsal, so Melanie took a nap while I went to sit outside on the wall by the river overlooking the swans and canal boats...

After rehearsal, it was Robin, Jack, Johnathon, Kevin and me again, this time with Melanie, Daniel, Keith & Keith's mom Joan, and we picked the Green Dragon again since we knew it was one of the few places still open for dinner! Yummy again, of course, then it was off to the Sun Cafe, where about 5 of us are using terminals at the moment...what Silicon Valley geeks we are, eh...?

Tomorrow is a couple more hours in Lincoln, then on the bus at 12:30 for Kenilworth, where we'll get to check into our hotel before going to Leamington Spa for our concert, then a trip to Stratford Shakespeare territory the next day, and Wales after that for the competition on Friday...Andy, you're still coming to the concert tomorrow, right? We'll call you tomorrow afternoon from Melanie's mobile to remind you... :)

Until next time!

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