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sucky day at work so let's try cheering myself up...

I have been shopping recently for pieces for my Bellatrix costume for my July Hogwarts party. I found the lace-up black top on Thursday and the pants at a thriftstore on Saturday. The lace-up granny boots were in my closet already, along with my cloak and the black wig (I discovered I have SIX black wigs - haha!). Of course I'll need more gothlike makeup, plus making my cheeks sunken from the years in Azkaban, and the pants will be tucked into the boots with the help of some elastic stirrups, but I think I have my costume set. That's a minor load off my party mind at least.

Bellatrix Lestrange costume test

As a bonus, if you'd like to see what the teal dress from the same shopping trip looks like, click here. I MUST find somewhere to wear this dress! :)
Tags: harry potter, hogwarts

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