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fandom does crazy things...

Let's not mention the irony of me finding out about this from's RSS feed on LJ, but this is absolutely hilarious!

It seems that the Star Wars fans in LA who have been lining up so early for EpIII have found out the theatre they are at will NOT be showing the movie...but instead of moving the line to the theatre that WILL be showing it, they are keeping the line where it is "in protest" hoping they will force that theatre to screen crazy is that? hahahaha...

(Note: I have not seen EpI or EpII yet, probably won't see EpIII anytime soon, and only saw Return of the Jedi in 1997. I don't consider it a duel to the death or anything, and of course they can co-exist in peace and harmony, but for me it's Star Trek over Star Wars any day...)

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