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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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minor rant
australia, ocean
The Brita water filter company is having a campaign for a $10 off coupon on their new faucet filter attachment. I haven't seen these ads myself, but I just went to their site and saw it on the main page...but what I really do NOT get is how random people are getting MY britta.com email address and sending me email asking to send them coupons??? I do understand people who cannot spell, but if you can't see the "you should have noticed I am NOT the water filter - click here for Brita.com" message that I have on my main page WITH the Brita logo for exactly those people, you're just plain stupid. How someone could find my email address withOUT going to my website and still assume it would contact the water filter company would just be extra-mysterious. (I doubt this is a spam ploy because no return addresses are spoofed, and it would only be verifying my email address is valid, which is already on probably every spam list ever created by now so that is a moot point anyway.)

Seriously, it's starting to be more than one email per day at this point, so getting more annoying...I found out a couple weeks ago on another water filter question that if I just ignored them, they kept nagging until I replied "I am not the water filter"...


There, I'm done...