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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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how sweet!
Wow! Simone from Brazil sent me a little Potter Package! I had sent her my address since she wanted to send me one of her party invitations so I could see it. She included the Bertie Botts bags of candy she had made for party favors, a little purple witch magnet, some other trinkets, a small wooden wand (that I think I might just use for Bellatrix!), and an adorable photo of her daughter made up as her own version of Chocolate Frog cards...awww...how nice of her!

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I personally can't wait ...

until you finish the updates to your website for your previous Harry Potter party. I tried putting one together myself two years ago and got frustrated figuring out the decorations, (I am really not creative and all I could find were decorations for childrens' parties.) So after finding your website, I was thrilled at the step by step commentary you provided! Thanks to you I am now well on my way to collecting all that I need to make it a success!



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