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Detours off Britta Blvd


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in Kenilworth...
So, right now I'm at Cafe Clix across from our hotel in Kenilworth in Warwickshire "Shakespeare Country" as it says on the sign, with about 45 minutes until we leave for our concert in Leamington Spa nearby...

Last night after dinner and the internet cafe in Lincoln, I went back to the hotel by myself since Melanie & Daniel were still merrily online, so I took my book & went into the bar to read...Melanie came in about half an hour later & said Dan, Keith & she were going to have room service dessert - some yummy toffee pudding Dan & Keith had the night before, so I went upstairs & hung out with them until about 10:30...then Melanie decided to repack her bags, so I went back downstairs to the bar, where by then a whole bunch of the choir was there...I chatted with Jenie & Anna, then Carolyn came by too...(no Nick since he caught something and was feeling awful all day, so he was rightly sleeping)...we all left around 12:30am...

This morning it was bags on the bus by 9:15, so Melanie & I got ready, brought our bags down, then ate breakfast, so we had plenty of time between breakfast and leaving for the cathedral/castle at 10am...the cathedral vergers yesterday had offered to give 28 of us a tour of the cathedral rafters, so I went on that since how many chances to you get to see that up close! The climb up the stone steps wasn't nearly as bad as up the York Minster tower, thank goodness, and our guide was very knowledgable and obviously enjoyed enlightening us...realizing that these huge oak beams were felled and shaped without saws, only by splitting them along the grain and using adzes, is truly amazing!

We had to leave on the bus at exactly 12:30, and the rafters tour lasted until just after 11:30, so I just barely had enough time to do my own personal whirlwind tour of Lincoln Castle, including filming myself with the cathedral behind from the top of the Astronomy Tower on the castle walls...heh! ;) One of the four original copies of the Magna Carta is inside the castle, so I saw that as well (extremely tiny handwriting!), and the prison chapel from when the castle was used as a Victorian prison, when the prisoners weren't allowed to see each other, but they were expected to attend chapel...interesting...

Poor Nick is still feeling awful, but stiff upper lip & all that I guess...he quoted Monty Python with "It's only a flesh wound" so he can't be all that bad if he can still joke about it...but he admitted that he hasn't eaten since yesterday breakfast...poor guy...

The reason I'm slightly "annoyed" is that our room at this hotel is on a weird inbetween floor, with no direct stairs or elevator access! We took the elevator to the 2nd floor for room 231, then followed the signs for 230-233, and ended up going down another flight of stairs! All this with carrying our big luggage, mind you...we already investigated and there are two stairs that go down from our "floor" but only to the kitchen or for emergencies only, so they're not practical, especially for carrying luggage downstairs tomorrow morning...we did find stairs going down from the 2nd floor, but remember that means going back up to the "real" 2nd floor first! Some of the others who got stuck with us in those 4 rooms already got theirs changed, but since we're here only one night, Melanie & I decided it wasn't worth it...

We text-messaged Andy earlier, but he hasn't answered yet...sure hope he really comes to the concert tonight! At least we get a buffet dinner provided by the parish before the concert tonight...hope it's as yummy as the last one in Baslow... :)

Until next time...

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recuring themes

Britta - food and drinks seems to be an important part of the trip :-) Sounds like you are having a blast. Wishing I were there Rod A

food, drink, makeup and now thigh-status.

flights of stairs

I guess you need to consider this place the exercise you need to counteract all those yummy sounding desserts??? It is probably more authentic than those easy-to-get-to-rooms so far. Throw in a little weight lifting with those heavy suitcases and you have had your workout for the trip.
love, mom

Wow...I just don't get how you do all this stuff and find the time to write all about it, too! I hope all goes well at the competition. I will be thinking of you all and sending good vibes and prayers for a wonderful musical experience!
Love, Jenny

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