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It's up! It's finally up! :)

No, still not my Year Five webpages yet (gah!), but this is the secret project I've been working on since March. The Leaky Cauldron invited me to assist them with their How to Throw a Potter Party section (gee, I wonder why? heh), so I accepted and have been working secretly with that crew ever since. I even helped out by creating a bunch of the interior title images in addition to the how-to content, of course. It's been fun, but these last few days have been completely crazy, since just as we thought we were ready to launch Monday morning, TLC's server crashed from so much increased traffic from all the recent news plus speculation about the clues that were being left around on Sunday aternoon. An additional server was purchased & expedited but is still in process of being configured, so the final decision was to quelch discussion for now but launch anyway since fans were going crazy waiting so long to find out!

What was really cool that I didn't know until right at the tail end, was that other fansites were sponsoring and included in the secret. Mysterious question marks went up Sunday evening at the sites below, sparking speculation across the fandom. Even when TLC's forums were taken down from the load issues with too much traffic, users migrated to other fansites to discuss, making new friends in the process. Right before going live tonight, the last clues were puzzle pieces making up the PotterParties banner image, one piece on each fansite, which they put together and found the site at last, around midnight EDT...whew! Not only are fans excited about the new website, but they have met new friends and think the "magical cooperation" within the fandom is fabulous, as do I. :)

Here are the news releases on the various sites who participated:

And now for some much-deserved sleep...ahhh...
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