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time to breathe...?

I have been running non-stop for two solid weeks, I swear. Not only have I been frantically designing, creating & mailing my Year Six at Hogwarts invitations every waking moment not at work, but I have been staying late at work most days for the final stages of a several-month project for a total overhaul of the web portal for my product I manage...which just went live last night at midnight! I am relieved for that to be done. There's still a bunch of training and other cleanup that needs to happen, but at least the major deadline is over.

Now I have to figure out my specific plan of attack for Year Six plans so I can work into the schedule how to get the Year Five webpages finally written, plus if there's any possible chance of editing the choir UK tour DVD, which is coming up now on a year since we left at the end of June...*sigh* I only have myself to blame, since my spring catch-up on projects time was uncharacteristcally very unproductive this year...oh well...back to getting things done now at least...

Off I go outside for lunch for the first time in what seems like forever! ;)

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