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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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crafters manifesto...?
australia, ocean
I just started subscribing to the MAKE blog on MyYahoo! which had this link...this is interesting:

"Ulla-Maaria Mutanen, a Finnish crafter who presented today at the Reboot conference in Copenhagen, has written a draft crafter's manifesto that reads like a blueprint for the Enlightenment crossed with an entrepreneur's prayer."

I think substitute "magic powers" with "inherent emotional ties" in #2, or at least put the magic bit in quotes, and she's pretty much got it...

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speaking of crafts, i got your AMAZING invitation in the post yesterday -- WOW! you really outdid yourself, it's absolutely fantastic! i even brought it into work to show my coworkers! alas, i won't be able to make the party, but i'm definitely looking forward to the photos, if the invite is anything to go by! :-)

Okay, I just read your Year 6 FAQ's and I must say--I am sooo looking forward to seeing pictures of your Marauder's Map! (Should you choose to post them, of course.) Your attention to detail is outstanding! Oh, and congrat's on your work with potterparties.com, your efforts deserve great recognition.

Is it alright that I added you to my friends list??

Sure it's alright...I'm honored...thanks!

Thanks for the compliments, too! I am hoping to post the Year Six invitation photos soonish, which would include the map, when I can also post the Year Five stuff (which I did work on some last week!), but after staying well for a record of 6 months, I got a bad cold just in time for my choir concerts this past weekend, and I'm still recovering...I hate being sick, since it means forcing myself to be unproductive & rest or else I never get well... :(

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