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more July 7th...Leamington Spa

(no, your computer didn't miss anything...I'm just backdating posts to keep everything straight, since it's been a few days...)

When I last left you, we were on our way to Leamington Spa for our concert there. We finally heard back from Andy that he couldn't get someone to cover his oncall time, so he couldn't come to the concert...oh well...he'll hopefully meet us for dinner in Oxford on Sunday...the buffet dinner provided by the parish in their in-church "Cafe Within" was excellent, but due to our rehearsal time, we didn't have time for tea & dessert until after the concert. The concert went very well in another absolutely beautiful church, even though we had another sparse but appreciative audience...some of the problem might have been the weather turning nasty...we're being told this is more like October or November weather, howling wind with some heavy rain, so I'm sure that prevented some potential audience from attending...

Since the weather was still pretty bad, most of the choir chatted in the hotel bar, but we missed Nick, since he was "trying to be good" since he had just begun to feel better...I chatted mostly with Juanita, Denise, Mark, Jenie, Maly, then Allen and Carolyn until about midnight...finding my way back to our room was a challenge, since I did actually get lost once...heh! Someone came up with the "Winchester Mystery Hotel" and I think that pretty much fits...the annoyance is past, and it didn't really last that long...just the timing was bad on the last post since we had just arrived.

P.S. On the way back from the concert, Nick was requested to tell his "fine organ" PG-13 story for the whole bus, so I was lucky enough to catch the entire story on video...that will definitely be an easter egg for the DVD...hahaha... ;)

Next: leaving Kenilworth for Wales via Stratford...

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