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Year Six party prep update

Amongst taking it relatively easy to get fully over my cold, plus seeing Batman Begins Saturday night (awesome!) and the end of the year choir party Sunday afternoon, I have made excellent progress so far with the Year Six at Hogwarts party!

  • Invitations went out first week of June, with the follow-up email a week later
  • The online FAQ went up June 15th
  • 75 gold paper plates have been painted with the Hogwarts crest
  • Best Potion recipe cards are printed & cut (~60)
  • Costume contest ballots are printed & cut (~60)
  • Best Edible Creation contest entry forms AND voting ballots are designed, printed and cut (~40)
  • My Bellatrix Black Lestrange costume is done
  • mrmouse's dementor costume is done
  • The webcams are configured & placed as of Friday evening - remember this is a sneak peek! ;)
  • Friday night I stapled up 400 icicle lights (white lights on white cords) on my ceiling so this year stars will be peeking through the black ceiling :)
  • Saturday all the black ceilings went up (thanks chanteuse77 for the extra hands!)
  • Also as of Saturday, almost all the stone walls are up (the kitchen wasn't ready yet so it's next)
  • The Sorting sticker badges are cut (~45, so I'll probably need to print more going by RSVPs so far!)
  • 11 kids capes are done (cut to length, drawstring channel sewn, ribbon threaded)
  • 11 kids paper cone hats are cut, still need to add tape & elastic thread to them
  • All adult and kid prizes are settled & in their respective treasure chests
  • Young Wizard Treasure Hunt has been updated with new clues
  • New Beater bats have been purchased
  • Quidditch hoops & the Nerf Quaffle have had touch-up paint jobs (Nerf Quidditch was rough last time!)
  • 8 dozen Cockroach Clusters are made

    So you don't think I'm absolutely crazy, some of these tasks have been done over the past couple weeks, not all this weekend! ;) Of course there is PLENTY still to do, including a few new props and LOTS of food to make, even with the new Best Edible Creation contest helping feed the masses, but I do have just under 3 weeks to do it all, so hopefully I'll get it all done. What I'm most worried about is getting the Year Five webpages up before this party happens...hmm...wish me luck!
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