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Year Six party progress - FOOD :-9

Hooray! As of last night I have a good handle on the party food I'm providing, so now I can get back to decorations without feeling too stressed... :)

  • Bertie Botts & filler Jelly Bellies already purchased
  • pre-sliced cheese already purchased in fridge
  • 8 dozen cockroach clusters were done this weekend
  • 5 dozen licorice wands done! (I used sour candy "licorice" wands since no one likes the black licorice anyway)
  • 6 dozen peppermint toads done!
  • crab triangles already in freezer
  • "parchment scrolls" already in freezer (purchased Party Swirls)
  • 2 full batches of pumpkin filling baked for pasties
  • 2 full family pie crust recipes (~3 pies worth each) made from scratch to be sure it's veggie-safe (purchased pie crust uses lard - how lame!)
  • 9 dozen pumpkin pasties made & frozen unbaked

    Everyone loves the pumpkin pasties, including me, but they are time-intensive and take FOREVER to make...hence trying to create a time-saving plan. I had tried baking these a couple days ahead of the party before, but the pastry starts getting soft & soggy after about one day even in airtight containers, so I'm trying a new plan this year. The filling is baked in advance anyway so it can be put into the pasties, so there's no risk there. Since all the hard work is making up the pasties in the little shapes with the filling inside, making them up early but freezing them as unbaked pastry is the new plan. This way I can just take them out of the freezer the night before or morning of the party then bake them nice & fresh without killing myself staying up all night making pasties...whew!

    Now, back to decorations & activities...maybe I'll feel I have enough time to post some prop construction photos later... ;) I'm hungry! I want a pumpkin pasty...darn!
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