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"If Hogwarts had Home Economics, then Britta Peterson would be the teacher. She's with the Web site, and knows a thing or two about the importance of setting the right mood.

"I go all out for my 'Harry Potter' parties, transforming my house into Hogwarts, complete with fake stone walls and Quidditch hoops in my backyard," she said.

If that's a bit too involved, she recommends using a plastic cauldron as a centerpiece, turning ordinary books into "spell books," and having a few magic wands on hand. The Web site has a lengthy list of decorating ideas, complete with instructions. Go to for details."

Especially funny since I've never taken a Home Ec class in my life! haha...! Yes, this was an "interview" via email, since he wrote to about this article, and since he was asking about the party planning side, they suggested I reply to him. :)
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