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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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another press mention!
I got this email from an East Coast co-worker this morning:

So I was reading the Post Food section, and saw the tease on the front page about the Harry Potter feast. I said to myself, I should send the link to Britta.

Imagine my surprise when I see you're credited with one of the recipes!


This one didn't contact me personally, so either they found PotterParties.com & actually paid attention to the crediting, or they found my website directly. Either way, it's nice they credited me properly. :)

More party progress later when I get photos loaded in...among other things, the tree trunk garbage can is finished! woohoo!

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Re: Food Network Contest

Thanks! Gah, why does the deadline have to be Monday? I'll see if I can enter my Eerie Eyeballs, since that is the most original recipe I have. I think I would totally freak if Food Network called me up, though! hehe...

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