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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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finished reading


hilarious bits too of course...

How sad is it that you are jealous of fictional characters half your age for their love lives? ;)

Anyway, I won't say anything more for now...my original guess for the HBP was wrong, but a co-worker called it, and in the beginning of reading the book I did start suspecting who it ended up being...cryptic enough for ya? ;)

Now I can finally get some much-needed sleep...only 4 hrs each night Friday & Saturday due to the party, then last night between cleaning & photos I read until midnight when my eyes could no longer stay open, but it was warm enough I had trouble sleeping, then the damn cat decided to be annoying starting at 5am, plus a full day of work...

On the plus side, my party photos are on my home gallery, along with those taken by some other party guests...


Good night!

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Read page 606 after seeing .jpgs on the net on Friday.
BTW: Did you see it took <12hrs for the full text to make it onto the 'net?

Sadly our copy of HBP *just* crossed into the US from Canada. But since I get the book 2nd I guess I still have time to finish "Who killed Chaucer?" by (ex)Python Terry Jones.


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