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sweet serendipity?

(I wanted to post this Wednesday afternoon, so let's just pretend I did, okay? Yeah I could backdate but whatever...)

How's this for geekily cool? Right now, I am nibbling on chocolate that was just featured on last night's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episode! Darn good timing, eh?

My co-worker just flew in from New York City and passed around Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven chocolate bars for all of us. I really needed chocolate at the moment, so I started nibbling, and I figured it was something New York cool that I just didn't know about, which often happens with me...but then I looked at the wrapper again & thought Chocolate Haven sounded familiar, and I was right! My co-worker had no clue it was just on Queer eye, but he was quite impressed I made my chocolate last for two was DELICIOUS! :-9

(This post was delayed because I tried verifying on the Queer Eye website, but they had everything EXCEPT the Food & Wine section updated for episode Michael L., so I had to wait until I had the chance to review my TiVo which was just right now...)
Tags: chocolate, queer eye

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