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first Year Six at Hogwarts how-to page online!
Just had to post my success...due to nagging by complete strangers so I guess you could say "popular demand" the first how-to page is online before any of the rest of the website is anywhere near ready...yes, it is the Marauders' Map. Amazing how just a little commment at the very end of my Year Six party FAQ has had strangers asking about it already!


Now for some sleep...

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Okay, I have to ask...where on earth did you find the Chocolate Frogs and the Bertie Botts Beans with the authentic packaging? I can't find them anywhere!

P.S. Your Marauder's Map is sweet!

Haha...sorry...you can't find them because I designed & made the movie-style Chocolate Frog boxes and Bertie Botts boxes all by myself! I had started them while planning my first party but ran out of time, so I finished them for the Year Five party. Eventually the downloadable PDFs and instructions will be on my website, but it'll be awhile I'm afraid! I never did get the frog boxes completely to my satisfaction design-wise, so that's one of the issues holding me back...let alone the rest of the website work, since those boxes were ready from Year Five 2 years ago...shame on me, I know!

Thanks about the map! I am proud of that one... :)

Somehow, I knew you were going to say that!

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