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Competition Day...
Ah, what a difference a day makes! :)

We got up this morning to bits of blue amongst the clouds, which immediately made things better...got some breakfast, then got ready with concert makeup & hair, had about an hour-long rehearsal, then left on the bus back to Llangollen...we arrived at noon, supposedly needing to be backstage at 1:10 to compete, but they were running late, so we had some time for me to annoy people up close with my videocamera while we were waiting..."Are you ready?" etc, etc...hey, gotta capture the moment! ;) We were allowed one video pass, so I passed my camera to Kevin, Kristin's husband, and he taped our competition performance for us...thanks Kevin!

So, the tension mounts...there were originally 10 choirs including us, then 9, then one Ukrainian choir had to back out at the last minute for some unknown reason, but we were always scheduled last, so we didn't get to hear the other choirs in our category. Probably just as well for nerves' sake, actually. Once we finally got onstage, everything went flawlessly! I was not the only one who felt that we really did give the performance of our lives...we did the best we ever have at all 3 pieces, and we have no regrets...it was quite a rush, and the audience absolutely loved the Karlsens at the end...

We had to wait about half an hour before the results, so as we were walking towards the food tent to get our free sandwiches, we were approached by several strangers who complimented us nicely...all our supporters who have heard every concert on tour agreed with us that we did our absolute best...

For the adjudication, they read off all the judges commentary in choir performance order, then the point scores for each piece, before announcing the winners. Waiting until the end for our commentary and scores was excruciating! I hadn't been nervous before, but as I was filming our commentary, my hand was starting to shake too much to keep it zoomed in on the judge! By the comments compared to the other comments, we thought we might have it...

Alas, as the points were read out, we knew we had missed first place by a single point...argh! The Swedish choir who has won about 10 international competitions won first place, but we did have the highest single score with 95/100 for the Karlsens (Vidu!), which we've been told is almost unheard of...

I just heard that Nathania watched the entire webcast (sorry I didn't know it was to be webcast until we were backstage when I saw the cameras and the link on a poster - darn!), including performances and the adjudication with comments, and she thinks we were robbed...ah well...

Now the Llangollen library is closing, so I'll have to leave...probably next time I can post will be Oxford on Sunday...

Until next time...

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Rock on!

I'm so proud of you all (and more than a bit jealous)!!! 2nd best in the world, and that only by one point, eh? Not bad at all...

Love to you all!

xtopher, lisa & xander

Philip Pullman ("Northern Lights" and the His Dark Materials Trilogy)

Not sure if you have read any of them but Pullman has said that Exeter College (where he attended) was his primary model for Jordan, and that Jordan inhabits the space in Lyra's world that Exeter does in our world.

If you see any gobblers, run! ;)


Wow! Only one point!

Congratulations to all of you! I knew if you didn't win you would be very close. The choir you heard about included Dave, Barb and Lanny. It will be fun to tell them you heard about them. Won't go into detail, though. ; ) Enjoy the rest of the trip.
love, mom

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

First of all, congrats on doing well in the competition.

Secondly, as a long time lurker on your site (I found when searching for a butterbeer recipe!) I know you are a Harry Potter fan. While you are in England you should go to an ASDA supermarket. In their candy section they have Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs and Wizard Cards. You get a frog shaped chocolate with foil wrapping (looks like a frog) and a wizard card in each package. I was over in England in April and brought back about ten of them. They are only around 79p each. ASDA is a national chain in England so you should be able to find one. One of my friends was in Barrow, England (Northern) in March and found them. I found them in the local ASDA near my friends place just outside of London.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

(bassoonist and Harry Potter aficionado, blog: www.mcmullenweb.com)


That's amazing news about the competition! Kudos to all of you! :)



Please give Keith a big hug from his friends at work. We're all very happy with the exciting news!!! Keith we miss you!!!!


You were robbed!

Seriously. I got up at 3am PDT and watched the whole competition via the webcast. The Project's Dona Nobis Pacem blew everyone else, including Mariakoren, right out of the water. It was clean, it was crisp, the tempo was perfect. The Brahms was better than I've ever heard it and the Karlsens was out of this world! Vidu indeed! It was such a pleasure to watch you all. I even got to see you backstage thanks to the webcam that refreshed once a minute. I recognized some of the fuzzy blobs. Sheila's hair, Johnathon's hair color, Nat, Keith, Gina. Everyone else was all blurry. You all looked phenomenal on the webcast though! I was so proud. Crying and cheering you on with every note. Kevin called as soon as he could to tell me what is was like to actually *be* there. In my heart I *was* there. Can't wait to see you all when you get home on Wednesday so I can squeeze you all!

Love to everyone! Nathania

You're "Choir of the World to Me!"

It would have been nice to get the official title, but since you said that most of you felt you gave the performance of your lives, then that's what it's all about. Congratulations!

Love, Jenny

Water Filters Please!

Came across your site by accident when I was wasting a sunday afternoon looking for water filters (I need help!)...only to discover you're in the UK...Spooky! Kenilworth is my fav castle I hope you had a good look around (I was born nearby). If you're in Wales you must go to Ludlow (over the boarder in Shropshire). As well as a fab castle it has some fab restaurants (eg. Mr Underhill's and the Merchant House).

Have a groovy time Ms WaterFilter

Andrew, Colchester, Essex


here's to hayling!
hope it's a good 'un there.... I'm sure it shall be.

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