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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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Nature's Bounty
australia, ocean
I have finally put up new photos in my garden gallery, so while I give you the written update, you can also see the progress of "Britta's Farm" this summer... ;)

  • over the past 4 weeks I have been able to pick 4 cups of delicious organic blackberries each week!
  • about 11 baby ears of corn are growing, even though the cornstalks are only about 4 feet high
  • tons of tomatoes, with one or two ripening every few days
  • butternut squash vines are growing across the ground and blooming
  • pumpkin plants are blooming, but haven't turned into vines quite yet
  • a few of the Concord grapes are even starting to ripen

    Freshly-picked blackberries, only picking the ones that fall off into your hand, are SO much better than the hard tart pellets you can buy, even at Trader Joe's. There's also nothing like a vine-ripened tomato either, nor corn you picked and immediate steamed in its own husk on the BBQ - Yummy! :-9

    I have also finally started making my own fat-free, lactose-free yogurt again, after about a year hiatus. Fresh blackberries with homemade yogurt for breakfast! mmm...I'm not sure if that will help me get back on the weight-loss wagon, especially so soon before my British holiday when I will splurge on scrumpy cider and Archers peach schnapps, let alone haggis and English breakfasts, but it's a start. I haven't been gaining since the 5 lbs that keep coming back on as soon as I happen to lose them, so I'm afraid my body likes that weight...ah well...still 20 lbs less than what I was in April 2004!

    Not only is the flora flourishing, but fauna too! The deer have returned! I saw a pair directly across the street from my house a few weeks ago, then I took an evening walk on Tuesday to the street up the hill behind my house where I'd never been, and lo & behold, there were 4 deer, just hanging out up the hill. No wonder I've seen them at least once a year on my street, sometimes even in my own front yard, only about a block away!

    There is also a little brown rabbit who hangs out around here, who I think has been nibbling on my blackberries. I first saw him in June early one morning running into the blackberries, but that was long before any were ripe. I saw him again this morning at the edge of the bushes, then he ran underneath my fence into the neighbor's yard. Hope he got a yummy snack but left some for me!

    My yard and the nature around where I live is my favorite part of living here, but there is no chance of me ever being able to afford to buy even a small house in this area all by myself. Now you see why it's really hard for me to get up my gumption to investigate buying any house of my own, since there's no way I'd ever get a yard where I could enjoy growing and nurturing so many living things...*sigh*... All the more reason to enjoy this while I can...