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australia, ocean

Detours off Britta Blvd


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No one mourns the Wicked...
australia, ocean
I just got back from seeing Wicked the musical in San Francisco with a bunch of friends at the generous treat of mrmouse - thank you so much! Great show, impressive costumes, wonderful sets, and definitely worth seeing for sure! For some reason, it just hasn't grabbed me instantly like Les Miz and Phantom did back in the day, but then again to be fair, not many shows have. Those two shows I only heard a couple songs and was hooked well before I ever had any chance to see them performed. Maybe I'm just older, or maybe tweaking the Oz story that I have loved in fanatic detail since before I can remember is a block for me...dunno, but it's still a fabulous show, and one I think will probably stay around for quite a long run. The audience reaction surprised me, though, with such loud applause at certain character entrances you couldn't hear some lines...but maybe that's just a function of the popularity of the show ("you're gonna be pop-yoo-hoo-lar")? ;) I really REALLY wanted just to smack Galinda upside the head SO many times I could NOT stand watching her! Of course that means she put on a great performance, one I could never ever pull off myself, but those kind of character types have always annoyed me to no end in real life. I definitely identify more with Elphaba, including people having told me flat out to my face when growing up "no one likes you - look at what you're wearing!"

It closes in SF Sept 11th moving along on their tour, so if you get the chance, go see it! My friends who know the composer told us tonight that he thinks the current touring cast is better than the current Broadway cast...Lucky us! ;)