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still waiting...

Well, we're still in SFO at gate A8 on the cute little 12" PowerBook via T-Mobile Wireless, since our plane has JUST arrived when it was supposed to land before 2pm...ah well. According to Virgin's website, our estimated departure is 17:45 vs. 16:30, with estimated arrival around 11:25 vs. 10:30. Our flight to Edinburgh isn't until 14:15, so we still have several hours of buffer time to get out checked luggage, go through customs, etc. We did DIY checkin for Virgin from my place before we left, so instead of waiting in the line that snaked around the entire lobby, we only had about 3 people in front of us. I had to laugh that mrmouse is checking TWO bags, where I'm only checking one! haha...

Next stop - Heathrow! :)

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